Faalsa Wild Forest Honey with Royal Jelly

Faalsa Wild Forest Honey is 100% Pure, Raw, Wild and Natural Forest Honey produced by Forest Bee. It is collected by Expert Forest Honey Collectors. Our Wild Honey is Manually Strained and Unfiltered. It retains natural pollen, enzymes, flavour and aroma.



Why Faalsa Wild Forest Honey?

Faalsa Wild Forest Honey is 100% Raw and Pure without added sugar, preservatives. It comes from the hives of the Giant Honey Bee or Apis Dorsata. They mainly build their hives far off the ground on tall tropical trees and under cliff overhangs. These hives are situated in deep dense forests and villages nearest to various forests. It is gathered by traditional or licensed honey hunting tribes and village people of India’s Forest Lands, following their old traditions.

It is raw, untreated, unheated, and unfiltered. Any accumulated particles on the surface are a result of the traditional gathering process. It’s safe to eat. We don’t just claim to be 100% pure. We lab test every batch of our honey, to have scientific evidence of purity. Store at room temperature. Real honey does not crystallize at room temperature

Raw, Unrefined, pure Honey renders the immune system healthy & strong which also becomes the need of the hour. The antibacterial and antioxidant elements in raw honey help in preventing germs and bacterial attacks and it also helps to withstand any threat to your immunity.

Though Raw Unpasteurized pure Honey has always been described as a wholesome diet for kids, do take a pediatrician’s advice before giving it to children below the age of one. Not only for consumption but honey has found its use in cleaning and swabbing the mouths of children to give them immunity against germs and bacteria as honey is loaded with anti-bacterial properties.

It is wise that you only purchase Raw, Unrefined, Manually Filtered, and Wild Honey that is collected directly from the forest instead of farmed honey to get the best results.

Faalsa Wild Forest Honey has FSSAI certification, so you need not worry about its safety. The company aims in providing the product in its most natural form not destroying any of its natural goodness.

Rather than Buying local or non-certified honey, to save a pinch on your pockets that can prove to be unfavorable for your health, try Faalsa Wild Forest Honey.

Nectar of Eminence, Beauty, and Health
Have you seen that golden syrup dripping from your pancakes?

The glistening liquid, which is sweeter even than the sweets itself. Well, that’s the “nectar of eminence” that’s Wild Forest Honey.

Forest Honey is known to have a history of healing properties for 2500 years. It is born from the nectar of luscious and sweet-scented Indian Wild Berry flowers and the production of many buzzing honey-bees, wholly natural and raw, which has its origins in the pristine canyons of Himalayas.

What magic does this “nectar of eminence” hold?

It is packed with anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial properties. It holds an immense amount of benefits.

Firstly, it acts as a natural and effective cough syrup and helps in alleviating cough very quickly.

Secondly, it acts as an anti-depressant and is a natural mood booster.

Thirdly, it helps in getting proper sleep and is effective in treating insomnia.

Furthermore, it is stacked with antioxidants and flavonoids, which makes it effective against preventing cancer and heart diseases. Moreover, it is hailed by Ayurveda as the most potent liquid. It helps in balancing the five elements of the human body.

A Drop for beauty

In contrast, not just internally, wild honey has also proven its benefits externally. Daily massaging of few drops of honey mixed with a few drops of lemon on the face for about 5-7 minutes has proven to give glowing skin. Putting on a pack of few drops of honey mixed with fresh Aloe Vera gel gives you soft and supple skin. Honey is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and works wonders on acne and pimples. Just apply a small amount of honey on your pimples and leave it over-night, to get acne-free skin by morning.

One teaspoon of Health

Adding just one teaspoon of Faalsa Wild Forest Honey to your everyday diet can have enormous effects on your body. Here are a few tips on how one teaspoon of honey can have huge effects on your body.

1) Add one teaspoon of honey to your green tea instead of sugar, and have a healthy start to your day.

2) Adding one teaspoon of honey to lukewarm water mixed with lemon in the morning to lose weight.

3) Add one teaspoon of honey to your water after a heavy lunch or dinner to have quick digestion.

4) Furthermore, one teaspoon of honey at night in milk can give you a calming and relaxing sleep.

Faalsa Wild Forest Honey for Health

Wild Forest Honey is the ultimate to meet and satisfy all of the significant health issues. Today’s processed honey has many artificial sweeteners added to it, which makes it relatively unhealthy for us to consume. However, the companies claim to have extracted it from bee-hives, but ironically it contains sugar syrup. On the other hand, Wild Forest Honey is natural and enriched with naturally occurring pollen and enzymes. It gives you all the benefits that today’s processed honey has failed to take care of. Thus, Wild Forest Honey for Health ensures Health Forever.


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